Hi, I’m Daniel. Founder of NINJA MOUNT

I’m a German engineer living near Munich and working in the automotive industry. I’m a passionate downhill rider, MTB coach and I love to invent stuff. At the beginning of Summer 2016, I had a crash with my bike at the bike park and couldn’t ride for the rest of the year. I tried to make the most of my situation. So I bought a 3D printer and developed this whole new action cam mount, specially designed for fullface helmets. In 2017, together with my girlfriend Eva, we launched a Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to over 200 backers we funded NINJA MOUNT and brought the product to life.

How NINJA MOUNT was developed

Testing, Testing, Testing!

I’ve been working on NINJA MOUNT since summer 2016. I’ve produced approximately 50 prototypes with my 3D printer. You don’t want to see my electricity bill! I gave some of the prototypes to friends and also to professional downhill & enduro riders so they could test them. Thanks to their feedback, NINJA MOUNT has improved a lot since the beginning.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Making prototypes with the 3D printer for friends is fine, but I wanted to bring NINJA MOUNT to all downhill, motocross and ATV riders. In December 2016, me and my girlfriend, who works in online marketing, started to accelerate our marketing activities. We launched this website, started to work with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and asked DH riders and related media for their support. In order to be able to realize the injection moulding process by a professional German company, I launched a crowdfunding campaign in February 2017. I chose Kickstarter as a platform. I am very happy that the campaign has been successful. All backers held NINJA MOUNT in their hands just before the season began.

The positive response we recieved was overwhelming. Many people wrote us and said NINJA MOUNT was something they were waiting for. If you belong to those who don’t want to make crappy videos anymore, NINJA MOUNT is the right thing for you!

Production using injection moulding has been completed. NINJA MOUNT is now available for everyone in our online shop and on Amazon & eBay

Stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and tell your friends about NINJA MOUNT. If you have any questions, just contact me.

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