Advantages of Ninja Mount

  • Free sight: No visor in the way. The screw allows you to adjust the angle so you can define the field of view precisely
  • Great look: Installing the cam under the visor looks much better than wearing it on top of the helmet. #RideNinja, don’t #RideTeletubby
  • Better feeling: Low center of gravity, so that the cam doesn’t disturb your moves
  • Protect your cam: The action cam is mounted safely and is protected against dirt, tree strokes and crashes
  • Removable: You can dismount it any time – in contrast to adhesive pads!

Compatible Action Cams

Ninja Mount works with all action cam standard housings, for example:

  • GoPro Hero / Hero3 / Hero4 / Hero5 / Hero6 / Session / Session5
  • Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 / VIRB XE
  • Rollei 430 / 425 / 415 / 300 PLUS
  • Xiaomi Yi / 4K
  • Sony unfortunately not!

Compatible Fullface Helmets

You can easily install Ninja Mount with the included screw on the following helmet types which have a screw thread under the visor:

NINJA MOUNT standard version goes perfectly with:

  • Ride100% Aircraft / Status
  • Fox Rampage Pro / Comp / V1 / V2 / V3
  • Troy Lee Designs D2 / D3 / SE3
  • ONEAL Blade
  • IXS XULT / XACT / Phobos / METIS
  • POC Cortex
  • Specialized Dissident
  • 661 Comp
  • Fly Racing WERX / DEFAULT
  • Kali Shiva / Avatar X
  • TSG Squad
  • Bell Sanction
  • Leatt DBX 5.0 / DBX 6.0
  • Kenny Scrub
Ninja Mount - the action cam mount for fullface helmets - standard pack detail

The following helmets don’t have a screw thread under the visor. Just take the version of Ninja Mount with an adhesive pad and a mounting buckle (both included in the big pack version) to install Ninja Mount. Even if you can’t use the fancy solution with the screw, Ninja Mount still has one big advantage for you: The special pivot arm (bended form) allows you to use the standard housing of your action cam.

NINJA MOUNT big pack goes perfectly with:

  • ONEAL Backflip / Fury / Spark / Warp / 2SERIES – 10SERIES / MOTO XXX / SIERRA
  • Bell Full-9 / Transfer-9 / Super / Super DH
  • Urge Down-o-matic
  • Bluegrass Brave
  • TSG Advance
  • Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro
  • POC Coron
  • Giro Switchblade
  • 661 Reset
Ninja Mount - the action cam mount for fullface helmets - big pack detail

NINJA MOUNT Works Great with Lamps

Do you love riding your bike when it’s dark and stormy (I do!) ? You can perfectly connect your bike lamp (i.e. by Lupine) with your helmet using Ninja Mount.

Ninja Mount works great with headlightsNinja Mount works great with headlights
Ninja Mount works great with headlights

Here you can see an installation video.

Not sure if your stuff is compatible? Write me an email or comment below.


10 thoughts on “Details & Compatibility

    • Daniel Post authorReply

      Hey Logan,

      NINJA MOUNT will start production next week. It would be great if you sign up for our newsletter. So we can inform you when NINJA MOUNT is available.

      Cheers Daniel

  1. Rémy DURAND Reply

    I want to know if it possible to use a ninja mount on these 2 helmets:
    – MET parachute 2017
    – FOX proframe 2017
    Thanks in advance

    • Daniel Post authorReply


      unfortunately NINJA MOUNT does not work with any of those both helmets.

      Cheers Daniel

    • Daniel Post authorReply


      NINJA MOUNT works great with all Leatt helmets. thank you for the hint, we will put them onto the list of compatible helmets.



    • Eva Gaudlitz Reply

      Dear Ingo,

      we are not 100% sure. our suggestion: you order a Big Pack and if it doesn’t work out, you may ship it back at our costs.


  2. Sebastian van Til Reply

    How about fitting it on an Arai MX-V or on an Airoh Aviator?

    • Daniel Post authorReply

      Hey Sebastian,

      thanks for your question. The Arai MX-V needs just the standard set, while the Airoh Aviator needs the big pack. If you are you using only one of those helmets at a time, you may just order the big pack, since all parts of the standard pack are included. Hope this helps


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