1. What is NINJA MOUNT?

NINJA MOUNT is an action camera mount specially designed for the needs of fullface helmet riders, for example in downhill biking, motocross or ATV driving.

  1. Why is NINJA MOUNT better than existing mounts?
  • Free sight: No visor in the way. The special picot arm allows you to adjust the angle so you can define the field of view precisely
  • Great look: Installing the cam under the visor looks much better than wearing it on top of the helmet. #RideNinja, don’t #RideTeletubby
  • Better feeling: Low center of gravity, so that the cam doesn’t disturb your moves
  • Protect your cam: The action cam is mounted safely and is protected against dirt, tree strokes and crashes
  • Removable: You can dismount it any time – in contrast to adhesive pads!
  1. Which helmets and cams are compatible?

Check here.

  1. How do I enjoy the product most?


  1. Has NINJA MOUNT been tested?

NINJA MOUNT has been tested by about 30 riders before it went into serial production. It has changed and improved a lot during the prototyping phase. The test riders’ feedback has been taken very seriously and NINJA MOUNT has developed in a very positive way.

  1. Do I see the camera in my field of sight?

No. The cam is high enough so you don’t see anything of it. We highly recommend using goggles with safety glasses to prevent injuries.

  1. Can I change the angle of the cam?

Yes. Just release the screw a bit and select the angle that works best for you.

  1. Can I buy the parts separately?

No. NINJA MOUNT is only available as a set.

  1. How has NINJA MOUNT been produced?

The prototypes have been made in a 3D printer. But to ensure maximum quality, the final parts have been manufactured in a professional production plant in Germany, using injection molding. Since I have good connections to manufacturers of plastic parts, I can ensure a best quality of the product.

  1. Can I use NINJA MOUNT even if my helmet has no screw thread under the visor?

Yes. You will need a standard buckle and an adhesive pad – just select the big pack.

  1. Can I still use NINJA MOUNT when I get a new helmet?

Yes. Just remove the screw and mount it on your new helmet.

  1. Is NINJA MOUNT patented?

Yes. Patent is pending.


  1. Whose invention is NINJA MOUNT?

Daniel Blank, a German engineer living near Munich, stands behind NINJA MOUNT. He works in the automotive industry where he is responsible for the development of plastic parts. He is also a passionate downhill biker and always tries to improve his equipment. During an injury break he began to work on the idea of NINJA MOUNT. NINJA MOUNT is patented.

  1. How can I buy NINJA MOUNT?

NINJA MOUNT has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. The campaign ended March 12th. Everyone who participated, received his copy. NINJA MOUNT is now available for everyone in our web shop.

  1. How about shipping?

Worldwide shipping is included. Delivery time: Europe: 3-6 days | Rest of the world: 10-12 days.

  1. When will I receive my copy of NINJA MOUNT?

Kickstarter backers received NINJA MOUNT in May 2017. Delivery times for the shop are Europe: 3-6 days, rest of the world: 10-12 days. If you haven’t received your order, please write us an email.

  1. What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. It helps people collect money for projects they want to realize. The NINJA MOUNT project collected money in order to be able to realize the injection molding process (high quality product made in Germany), to buy parts and to pay packaging and shipping. Backers got a copy of NINJA MOUNT.

  1. I want to sell NINJA MOUNT in my own shop

Great! We offer shops discounts. Please talk to us.

  1. I’m a journalist / I have a YouTube channel and want to review NINJA MOUNT

We’re always happy about reviews. Talk to us and we’ll see how we can support you. And don’t forget to have a look at our press section which contains loads of press material.

  1. Which payment methods do you offer?

At the moment, you can pay via PayPal and bank transfer.

  1. Can you sponsor me/my team?

Maybe 🙂 tell us about your activities and social media accounts!

Any questions left? Write us: info@ninja-mount.com

13 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Brad Delzer Reply

    Please ship my order to usa. I just purchased 2. Your list does not have usa , north America, america, United States. Not shure what’s up with that. Please confirm before shipping, thank you.

    • Eva Gaudlitz Post authorReply

      Hi Brad,
      thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to disappoint you but we currently cannot ship to the US and Canada because of insurance reasons. We stated this in the shop description. We are working on a solution.
      Cheers & sorry again

    • Eva Gaudlitz Post authorReply

      Hi Brad, we can now ship to the US. Hope you’re still interested and thanks for your patience. Best, Eva

  2. Tim P. Reply

    Verschickt ihr auch nach Österreich und wie viel wären die Versandkosten?

    • Eva Gaudlitz Post authorReply

      Hi Tim, natürlich versenden wir nach Österreich. Wir berechnen die Versandkosten nicht extra, sie sind in den Preisen schon enthalten und für jedes Land gleich. Viele Grüße, Eva

  3. James Reply

    Does this affect the visor adjustment? Does it require the visor to be adjusted upward?

    Do you still ship to the U.S.? What is the time for delivery?


    • Daniel Reply

      Hey James,

      you are right: the visor has to stay in upward position. We ship to the U.S.with a delivery time about 7 days.

      Cheers Daniel

  4. Nicolas Reply

    Hey ! I have been lurking for a while about a reissue of your product (fox proframe adapter, etc.), is it planned ? If so, can you tell me when ?

    Cheers !

    • Daniel Reply

      Hey Nicolas,

      thanks for your question- the Fox Proframe Adapter will be released by end of March!


  5. Chris Reply

    Hello, will you be getting more stock of the Big pack soon? Cheers, Chris

    • Daniel Reply

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for your message- the Big Pack is back in stock!

      Cheers, Daniel

  6. Ben Reply

    If i buy the standart edition and it does not fit can i get my money back?


    • Daniel Reply

      Hey Ben,

      of course! Please send the mont back to:

      Wehrbach 24
      85307 Paunzhausen

      Cheers Daniel

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