NINJA MOUNT GO Adapter – for all of those who own a fullface or normal helmet and an Insta360® GO 2. Worldwide shipping included! (Helmet and action cam / housing not included). Patented.

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NINJA MOUNT is an Action Cam Mount for Fullface Helmets. Successfully Funded with Kickstarter.

You’re a downhill, motocross or ATV rider? When you mount your action cam on top of your fullface helmet, a part of the visor is always visible in the shot. And doesn’t it look ridiculous to wear the cam on top of your helmet?

(NINJA MOUNT is patented. Helmet and action cam / housing not included. To prevent face injuries in case of a crash, always use goggles. We highly recommend a goggle with high impact lenses.)

NINJA MOUNT is made of high quality plastic material (PA GF30) using injection moulding – and its special parts are made in Germany.

Advantages of Ninja Mount

  • Free sight: No visor in the way. The screw allows you to adjust the angle so you can define the field of view precisely
  • Great look: Installing the cam under the visor looks much better than wearing it on top of the helmet. #RideNinja, don’t #RideTeletubby
  • Better feeling: Lower center of gravity
  • Protects your cam: The action cam is mounted safely and is protected against dirt, tree strokes and crashes
  • Removable: You can dismount it any time and mount it on another helmet

NINJA MOUNT standard version: Compatible helmets

This package nearly fits each fullface helmet and a lots of normal helmets. If you are not sure, please let me know!

Not sure? Ask me!

Compatible action cams

  • Insta360 GO2 (requires action bundle by Insta 360)

Content of the package

  • Special adapter, pivot arm, short thumb screw, plastic screw, metal screw
  • Special GO 2 adapter
  • Installation guide
  • NINJA MOUNT sticker


Parts: black. Plastic screw: white.