Many professional and semi professional riders trust in NINJA MOUNT and capture their rides with our GoPro mount for fullface helmets. Check out NINJA MOUNT’s team riders.

Thomas Rieger

Thomas Rieger NINJA MOUNT Team Rider

Thomas is a 29 year old German Downhill rider whom we met in one of our favourite bike parks, MTB Zone Geißkopf in the Bavarian Forest. He has been riding his Downhill bike since 2009. Some of his racing achievments include: three times on the podium as a single participant in the 24 hours downhill race in Semmering/AT, on the podium of the Austrian Gravity Series 2017 and many more. In 2017 he competed in 20 races and was on the podium 14 times. Besides that, he regularly writes race and event reports as well as tests for well-known MTB-magazines.

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Meet Thomas on his social media profiles, they are really worth a visit.
Thomas Rieger on Facebook
Thomas Rieger on Instagram
Thomas Rieger on MTB News
Thomas Rieger on YouTube

Enej Vitrih (Bikebro)

Enej Vitrih NINJA MOUNT Team Rider

Enej is a good friend of us and our representation in a beautiful small country called Slovenia. He is active on social media as Bikebro. But let him introduce himself to you:

“Meine name ist Enej und ich habe viel Kartoffelsalat!
I started riding 4 years ago and promptly smashed my face in the ground. By some coincidence and being a smartass I came in contact with Ninja Mount, which purpose is to not break noses anymore. From then on, it’s a love story, most of you will not get and it’s as dirty as you might expect. Now I use the mount for all my POV filming for my FB page Bikebro and I am trying to steer off people from sticking the GoPro directly on the visor, but use NM instead. I ride downhill and in off season a ‘hard’ enduro hardtail. My philosophy is Yeaboii or die, which means have as much fun as possible while riding and all the other 20 hours around it.”

Meet Enej on social media – but don’t take him too seriously 😉

Bikebro on Facebook
Bikebro on Instagram
Bikebro on YouTube