Get the best videos from your action cam using UNICORN – it’s perfect for Downhill, Enduro and Allmountain biking.

May 14th 2019 we launched UNICORN on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, the campaign was not successful. We are currently looking for another way to bring UNICORN to the market. 

Product features of UNICORN

  1. New, exciting perspective – the low point of view makes it easy to follow the rider’s line and see how steep the terrain really is. Also very good follow cam perspective!
  2. Extremely stable – the handlebar mount is connected to the handlebar at two points and is bomb-proof – no more shaking cam, even in the toughest conditions
  3. Clean cockpit – secure fastening of all cables and wires, no cables in the field of vision, no disturbing noises caused by vibrations
  4. No action cam on your body – ideal if you’re wearing a half-shell helmet and/or don’t want to use a chest mount
  5. Perfect solution for racers – compliant to the UCI rules
  6. Quality – high quality injection moulded part, developed and produced in Germany

About Kickstarter and the campaign

  • What is financed? UNICORN is a handlebar mount for action cams and will be produced in Germany by injection moulding. The backers finance the production of the expensive injection moulding tool and the production of the first batch.
  • Campaign start: in the morning on 14 May 2019
  • Campaign duration: 30 days (until 13 June 2019)
  • Platform: Kickstarter (Link will be announced soon)
  • Funding target: 10,000 EUR
  • Rewards: Discounts on the product between 10% and 40%. Cheap combination offers.

What is crowdfunding?
The term crowdfunding is composed of the words “crowd” and “funding”. This reveals the idea behind crowdfunding: it’s a kind of pre-financing by potential customers. The initiator of the project already has enough pre-orders from the supporters (“backers”) to be able to plan well and thereby minimizes the risk of producing a product that is not even accepted by the market. Kickstarter is one of the best known and successful crowdfunding worldwide.

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